Based in New York City, 81 Leonard Gallery is an artist-run space representing artists from around the globe. 81 Leonard provides a platform for emerging and established contemporary artists to stimulate engagement in critical thinking and culture. Through its diverse multi-media program, the gallery focuses on bringing underrepresented and marginalized artists to new audiences.


“Art and artists play an increasingly important role in the world we inhabit. With a commitment to artistic freedom, we are interested in artists that investigate the conditions of our present society and what the future may hold.”

Nancy Bergman Pantirer, Founder & Elaine Mitchell, Director.

"I'm humbled by art, by its persistence and its unpredictability, and I'm always learning from it. Its is just amazing to me how hard it is to see, and how little you see. As you grow older, you do see more and more, but you're still missing things" 

                                                                     Jarrett Earnest

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Monday - Saturday
12 PM - 6 PM
Or by appointment

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