Taher Jaoui


Taher Jaoui (b. 1978 in Tunis, Tunisia)  currently lives and works between Paris and Berlin. With growing acclaim, his work has been exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions across Europe, Africa, and the USA.

Taher Jaoui compositions are developed on an instinctive and unconscious process. He uses different sources of inspiration, spanning from cartoon and graffiti-like drawings to Abstract Expressionism and Primitivism movements.  Jaoui’ s work fuses painting, drawing, abstraction, and representation. Through a personal language in his compositions, he aims to stimulate the viewer’s feelings and imagination, enabling one to form their interpretations of the picture. His often composes with semi-figurative elements, such as heads, legs, eyes, or hands.  He combines an energetic use of color and texture with various combinations of oil, enamel, spray paint, and charcoal on canvas.


Oil, Oil Stick, Enamel, Acrylic and Silk Ink on Canvas

200 x 460cm


2019 Art Busan, Korea

2019 Graham Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2019 Opera Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2019 Gallery Kremers, Berlin

2019 Architectural Digest Design Show, New York

2019 Dystopia Show, Banzi Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2019 EDEN GARDENS, Jinsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018 Uncommon Beauty Gallery, New York

2018 Mika Gallery, New York

2018 Ghaya Gallery, Tunis

2017 Aquavit Gallery, Berlin

2017 Galerie La Rotonde, Paris

2016 Agora gallery, Berlin

2016 Musk and Amber Gallery, Tunis


2019 An Atlantic Bridge BERLIN - USA,

2019 Kremers Gallery, Berlin, Germany, May

2019 Impossible Until it is Done, Opera Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2019 March, Architectural Digest Show, Uncommon Beauty Gallery New York, USA 

2019 Dystopia, Banzy Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2018 Aqua art Fair, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, Miami, USA,

2018 Scope art Fair, Azart Gallery, Miami, USA

2018 Psychedelic Robot, Bivins Gallery, Dallas, Texas, USA

2018 CONTEXT Miami art fair, USA

2018 Works on paper III , Kremers Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2019 Oliver Cole Gallery, Miami, USA

2018 AAF art fair, Azart Gallery, New York, USA

2018 Opera Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2017 EMERGEAST Auction IV, Dubai, UAE

2017Bardo Exhibition.Aquabit Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017Cutting Edge. CoGalleries, Berlin, Germany

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